"I like too many things and get all confused and hung up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion." -Jack Kerouac

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How cool is this? This is a picture of where I grew up, via an aerial view/

They list the town wrong though, I am next to Levittown, not in it.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"The "Support Our Troops" stickers should be replaced with stickers that read "Support Our Wars." It's a volunteer military, folks. If there's no troops, there are no wars--at least not those without widespread support by the American people. I feel badly for the troops, sure, but I feel even worse for the innocent civilians and enemy soldiers they're killing in foreign lands where we have no business being. This "Support Our Troops" shit is turning the left into fellow travelers in militarism."

Thank you Ted Rall for those words. Thank you very much. I have always felt the same way. The folks in the military chose to sign on the dotted line, pull on the uniform, and pick up the guns. They decided to.
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Sooo.. I officially finished my Bachelors degree. I can't freaking believe it. Everything is a big to-do with Stony Brook though - I had to call around to all my departments and make sure they all cleared me for graduation. The English department forgot I existed because they lost my folder! Well, anyway, it is all done and my transcript is complete. Look! See:

- - - - - Degrees Awarded - - - - -

Degree : Bachelor of Arts

Confer Date : 2004-12-19

Plan : History

Plan : English Minor

Plan : Medieval Studies Minor

Oh yeah, I finished my honors paper too. I think the total was something like 57 pages. I NEVER thought I would finish it or even get close to 50+ pages. My advisor was pleased, she is recommending honors. One of my other readers, my Latin teacher, is also recommending honors, so I just have to wait for the last reader. Oh, any my grades for last semester ROCKED.

HIS 225 Formation of Judaic Heritage A
HIS 451 Colloquium in Medieval History
Course Topic(s): Medieval Queens A
HIS 475 Undergrad Teaching Practicum S
HIS 496 Sr Honors Project in History A
LAT 355 Early Medieval Latin A-

TERM GPA : 3.920
Dean's List
Academic Standing: GOOD

Now I just need to keep up on my Latin and learn French. I'm still working with my Prof. on that Latin manuscript, so that should help, and French is twice a week from 5:20 to 8:10.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I bet you didn't know that I wish on stars.
I'm a hopeless romantic, despite my best efforts.

voices to voices,lip to lip
i swear(to noone everyone)constitutes
undying;or whatever this and that petal confutes...
to exist being a peculiar form of sleep

what's beyond logic happens beneath will;
nor can these moments be translated:i say
that even after April
by God there is no excuse for May

-bring forth your flowers and machinery:sculpture and prose
flowers guess and miss
machinery is the more accurate, yes
it delivers the goods,Heaven knows

(yet are we mindful,though not as yet awake,
of ourselves which shout and cling,being
for a little while and which easily break
in spite of the best overseeing)

i mean that the blond abscence of any program
except last and always and first to live
makes unimportant what i and you believe;
not for philosophy does this rose give a damn...

bring on your fireworks,which are a mixed
splendor of piston and of pistil;very well
provided an instant may be fixed
so that it will not rub,like any other pastel.

(While you and i have lips and voices which
are for kissing and to sing with
who cares if some oneyed son for a bitch
invents an instrument to measure Spring with?

each dream nascitur,is not made...)
why then to Hell with that:the other;this,
since the thing perhaps is
to eat flower and not to be afraid.

-e.e. cummings

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

This is where my love is living for a few months. I just got back yesterday from visiting him there. I can't wait until I see him again, either. What a torturous 280 miles!

The town is really nice - I think I could live in VT.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A little bit of astrology to lighten the day.


You want the world to be perfect. You expect perfection from yourself. You are good at analyzing and rendering conscientious and systematic service in an honest and impartial way. You are so critical and seemingly unemotional that others may dislike you or at least feel you are very boring. You do lack imagination and tend to be somewhat of a "grind", but when it really matters you are there and can be relied upon. You are an exacting and responsible craftsman. When you become truly tolerant and less self-critical, your vision of life expands. Then, you enjoy life rather than just exist and produce in it.


Your mind is authoritative, self-sufficient, dramatic and comprehensive. You don't just passively collect knowledge, you create knowledge when you study. You relate everything back to you. When you speak, you don't just say something, you state it. A certain dignity is always hanging in the air. Although you follow a chain of thought, you have a tendency to build to a climax in very broad terms. You improve your standing in your world when you learn respect for other people's point of view and increase your own grasp of detail. When you need to adjust and adapt to life's demands, generally you don't. You carry the standard off the battle field rather than surrender or even adjust. When you are too inflexible, you are prone to being either humiliated or ridiculed.
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Saturday, November 20, 2004

So I joined Phi Alpha Theta, the History honor society. Its like a fraternal order for Historians. It looks good on my resume and I get to wear special honor cords at my graduation. The induction was really lame - the adviser stood up in front of us and said we had to agree to an oath, which was in Latin. When he read it, it was all nonsense. Portions of phrases from famous Latin works, like Virgil and Cicero. Rediculous.

"The National Honor Society in History, Phi Alpha Theta, was established at the University of Arkansas on March 17, 1921 by Nels Andrew N. Cleven.

The possibility of "diffusing information through socialized avenues," he wrote later, "was due to the kindly cooperation of my students in Arkansas." He came to regard fraternities as "an essential spirit of the age...searchers all for Truth in History." Such societies were crucial because "the human side of scholarship needs to be nurtured and thought made articulate." Despite the national proliferation of social and professional fraternities during this period, he discovered there were no societies in History, a deficiency he was determined to remedy. In his mind he envisioned a secret fraternity, open to women as well as men, which would embrace the "entire History of Mankind." By chance, a painting depicting ancient Assyria and featuring a six-pointed Star of Divinity hung on the wall of his classroom. The star became the central symbol for the History fraternity."

And what would a fraternal order or honor society be without symbolism?
"The symbolism of the Society is a Star, a Serpent, the Colors, and the Flower. The six-pointed star, which is composed of two triangles, is worked in black and laid on a circular frame, the whole encircled by a Serpent.

That which governs the universe may be thought of as having three attributes: Parenthood, Spirit of Life, and Reason, which are symbolized by one of the triangles. Ancient philosophers believed that people and the world were made of three elements: Spirit, Blood, and Water. These are represented by the second triangle of the Star.

The triangle with the apex below the base symbolizes the guiding principles of the universe.
1. The Greek letter PI . . . signifies Progonos, for Parenthood.
2. The letter PSI . . . signifies Psyche, for Spirit of Life.
3. The letter LAMBDA . . . signifies Logos, for Reason.

The triangle with the apex above the base symbolizes the earthly and human.
4. The letter ALPHA . . . signifies Haima, for Blood.
5. The letter UPSILON . . . signifies Hydor, for Water.
6. The letter PSI . . . signifies Psyche, for Spirit of Life.

The union of these two triangles forming the six-pointed star (the Ancient Assyrian sign of divinity) symbolizes the intimate relation of the infinite and the human. By some ancient peoples the Serpent was regarded as a symbol of eternity, good fortune, and plenty. In our symbolism it signifies happiness, fruitfulness, and eternity.

Superimposed on the black within the two triangles are the three letters, PHI, ALPHA, THETA, - Philia, Anthropos, Theos, - signifying Love, Humanity, God.

The colors of our society also denote the relation between the human and the infinite. The red symbolizes the blood which is essential to human life, while the blue symbolizes the sky which to many ancient peoples signified the divine. The flower, a deep red rose, symbolizes beauty, charm, and fervency."

I have my certificate with my name on it and everything.

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